SE-221 Temp. Indicator

SE-221: Digital Temperature Indicator

Degree Celsius Temperature Meter


SE-221 is a digital temp. indicator for Fe/Con T/C, CR/AL T/C & PT-100 RTD

Display: 3½ digit 0.5″ ht LED

                Ranges                                                                  Accuracy
Fe/Con T/C (0°C to 600°C)                                                        ±0.5% ±1°C upto 1000°C , ±1% ±2°C above 1000°C
Cr/Al T/C (0°C to 1200°C)                                                         ±0.5% ±1°C upto 1000°C , ±1% ±2°C above 1000°C
PT-100 RTD (-100°C to +400°C or -100°C to 199.9°C)             ±0.5% ±1°C upto 1000°C , ±1% ±2°C above 1000°C

Note: SE-221-6 multi-point digital temp. indicator is also available for above temp. ranges. Selection of input is by rotary switch

Key Features

• Wide in Temperature range
• Auto CJC is provided for T/C input
• Powered by 230±10% Vac, 50Hz external source
• Digital display with high level of accuracy & visibility
• Panel mounting type (Height x Width x Depth): 48mm x 96mm x 110mm Or 96mm x 96mm x 75mm Or 72mm x 72mm x 75mm
• Panel cutout (Height x Width): 46mm x 92mm or 92mm x 92mm or 68mm x 68mm


It is used to measure wide range of temperature from furnaces, hot rollers, hot-water bath, surface temp. measurement, boilers, stem pipe surface etc.


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