SE-406 Calibrator

SE-406: Portable Digital Calibrator



SE-406 is a digital calibrator to source & measure Milli-Volt, Milli-Amp & RTD

Display: 4½ digit 0.5″ ht LCD

       Ranges                    Accuracy
0-199.99 mVdc                  ±0.05% ±2 counts
0-19.999 mAdc                  ±0.05% ±2 counts
-100°C to +400°C               ±0.25% ±2 counts for PT-100 RTD

Key Features

• LCD display for with very clear visibility
• Milli Volt, Milli Amp & PT-100 RTD is selected by push buttons
• Measure or Source is selected by push button
• External PT-100 RTD & PT-100 RTD source
• Milli Volt & Milli Amp is adjustable by means of ‘Coarse’ & ‘Fine’ potentiometers in ‘Source’ mode mA load 500Ω
• PT-100 RTD mode/measure mode, desired temp. in °C is adjustable by means of ‘Fine’ (PT-100) Potentiometer
• PT-100 RTD mode/source mode, the resistance value corresponding to the set temp. is avail. at o/p terminal
• Powered by 9V DC battery (2 nos.)


Calibrating and testing of Labs instruments, field sensors like thermocouple, PT-100, transmitters, and related measuring/controlling instruments.


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